ReportsApril 10, 2013

Microfinance Institution TIER Definitions

MicroRate proposes a tier system that defines MFI peer groups by institutional maturity to provide a foundation for industry analysis and informed dialogue.

The system is based on a three-tier structure that applies three simple, objective indicators that, together, act as proxies for MFI maturity. The three indicators are sustainability (return on assets, RoA), size (total assets in U.S. dollars) and transparency (level of regulation/reporting).

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May 4, 2022

Study on African MFIs' year-end Perspectives

The purpose of this document is to share impressions on the performance of African MFIs and their year-end expectations regarding the development of the sector and their own operations.

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January 18, 2022

Podcast: Highlights in the Microfinance Sector

In this podcast, Maria Belén Effio, CEO of MicroRate, gives a summary of the most relevant things MicroRate observed in the microfinance sector during 2021.

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