The social rating report analyzes the following aspects:

Analysis areas

• Definition and Monitoring of Social Objectives

• Commitment by Board of Directors, Senior Management, and Staff

• Product Design and Adjustment

• Social Responsibility to Climate

• Social Responsibility to Staff

• Responsible Finance


• ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) Initiative

• Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (USSPM) according to Social Performance Task Force (SPTF)

• Client Protection Standards

5 stars: first-class social performance.

4 stars: excellent social performance level

3 stars: good social performance level

2 stars: moderate social performance level

1 star: Financial institution exhibits no or weak social performance

Rating Outlook: rating trend expected over next 12 months


  • Allows to set your organization apart based on its social performance
  • Allows to strengthen your social management
  • Allows to attract funds for social purposes
  • Compare social performance with other MFIs through benchmarking

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