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This Country Note presents key indicators and top news on India as of 2020. It also shares ...

This Country Note presents key indicators and top news on Tajikistan as of 2020. It also shares ...

On the eve of the emission of our Financial Benchmark as of June 2021, we ...

MicroRate Benchmark

Report that gathers information from at least 50 financial institutions rated by MicroRate, setting out the averages and quartiles of more than 30 key management indicators.

Microfinance Country Reports

Reports analyzing developments in the macroeconomic and microfinance climate in Latin American and Caribbean countries

Specialized Studies

MicroRate, individually or through strategic alliances, periodically produces specific reports on issues that are topical and relevant for the financial sector.

Services for Investors and Researchers

Rating report subscriptions are aimed mainly at investors and researchers. Our publications and research are included in this service.